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"Author C.S. McDonald is a prolific author with many books published, but at this moment her Fiona Quinn cozy mystery series is definitely one of my current favorites. Matrimony, Mayhem, and Murder offers a wild, crazy plot that is fun to read, with enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing." ~ Marilyn R. Wilson/ Amazon Reader

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Fiona Quinn Mysteries

The venue is set, invitations sent, and the flowers ordered. It’s almost time for Fiona and Nathan to get married…again. What could possibly go wrong? Nothing…well, until the wedding planner is found dead.
Then the woman Fiona has never met shows up--Nathan’s enigmatic mom, Rita Landry. And she’s wearing a gorgeous but mysterious necklace. Worse, Rita is being followed by two sinister-looking men, forcing her to flee the country. Who gets dragged along? None other than the bride-to-be! How does a girl prepare for all of that? Looks like Fiona’s perfectly planned matrimony has morphed into mayhem and murder!
You’re formally invited to Fiona and Nathan’s wedding. Question is: Will the wedding happen?

"Once again C.S. McDonald raises the bar!" ~ Fran Lewis/ Amazon Reviewer

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" Matrimony Mayhem and Murder is the book you don't want to miss. The action isn't frantic but it is nonstop as each storyline progresses to the conclusion. As with all the Fiona Quinn books you can thoroughly enjoy it without having read the previous books ."  ~Blooming with Books Reviews