C.S. McDonald

"I love the host of characters...the concept is really unique and the storytelling superb!" ~ S. Wilson/ Amazon Reader

" I happily devoured Maxed Out over the course of a long, rainy afternoon and appreciated its engrossing escapism." ~ Literary Flits/ Reviewer

"This is such a fun and quick cozy mystery. I finished it in one afternoon. The concept of time traveling back in time to solve cases is intriguing. Yet, it was the characters that really made this book for me." ~Cheryl Perry/Amazon reviewer

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Maxed Out

The Owl’s Nest Couturier Shoppe is a huge success! Business is booming and Alexa Owl’s love life is heating up. Yet much to the seamstress’s dismay, Detective Bobby Starr is suddenly back again! Bobby isn’t your everyday gumshoe. Rather, he’s an angel who’s trying to earn a place in Saint Peter’s Guardian Angel Squad. He’s required to solve murders he had left unsettled from when he walked the earth in order to be accepted into this prestigious group. Of course, they will need to return to the time period in which the murder took place, and again, Alexa is a reluctant time traveler. Oh, and there’s one more little problem—this time, Bobby’s brought along a friend, Maxi Krogen, and she’s NO angel!

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