C.S. McDonald

The cookies are baked. The tree is trimmed. The shopping? Well, it’s almost done, and Fiona’s parents have finally returned home for a holiday visit—along with some unexpected unruly friends. Yep, Fiona’s perfectly planned Christmas is coming together, but how could’ve she planned for her favorite uncle’s murder?

Who could possibly kill a sweet old man who’s played Santa at the local mall every year without fail? Fiona’s boyfriend, Detective Nathan Landry, is determined to find out—before Christmas day arrives. There’s only one problem: Nancy Quinn. Fiona’s mom is just as determined as the detective to catch the murderer, and she isn’t shy about getting the job done—even if it includes breaking a few pesky laws!

Will Nancy and Fiona find the killer first or will the killer find them?

Everyone loves this Holiday  Whodunit!

"Magical! -  Quick witted, fun-filled, and entertaining throughout"  Sherri Wilson/ Amazon Customer

"The ending is right out of an Abbot and Costello movie with Who’s One First. C.S. McDonald penned a mystery for all readers for this holiday season." 

Fran Lewis Reviews

Fiona Quinn Cozy Mysteries

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  • Merry Murder4:58