C.S. McDonald

Fiona Quinn Cozy Mysteries

Everyone Loves Tastes Like Murder

"Ms. McDonald knows how to draw the reader in, planting subtle clues along the way. Her light-hearted dialogue makes this a fun read that all mystery lovers will truly enjoy. It was a smooth vintage of a mystery that tastes like murder." ~ P.A./ Amazon Customer

"If you like cozy mysteries, this series is for you. Fiona and her friends and family have become my friends. Thank you to C.S. McDonald for creating these stories. I am from the Pittsburgh area and the setting is right on the money. It is fun to read about these characters in the city and surrounding area that are so familiar to me. If you want to warm up and enjoy a great read, this series is for you." ~ Jane/ Amazon Customer

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The shower was a hot mess, the dresses are ugly, and the bride is an uber Godzilla! Wedding bells will soon be ringing, but as usual, Fiona is a bridesmaid and not a bride. Her fellow bridesmaids are fighting over…well, pretty much everything. As the maid of honor, how can Fiona silence the bickering? The problem is abruptly solved when the bride drops over dead at the rehearsal dinner—an elegant wine tasting at the Mansion On Fifth in Pittsburgh. Yikes!
Who poisoned the wine?
The suspects are coming out of the woodwork, and Fiona finds herself on the list! Double yikes!
It’s a vintage murder case for Fiona, Detective Landry, and the gang—oh, and Fiona’s mom, Nancy Quinn too. Cheers!

  • Tastes Like Murder4:58