C.S. McDonald

Out of the blue that ornery angel, Detective Bobby Starr, shows up at The Owl’s Nest Couturier Shoppe. Much to Alexa Owl’s surprise, Bobby doesn’t need her help. Rather, he’s brought along someone else who wants to qualify for Saint Peter’s Guardian Angel Squad. Saint Pete has delegated this new inductee to solve a murder to get into the group, and it’s a doozie: Who killed Detective Bobby Starr? How can Alexa turn this assignment down?
Back in the 60s, Bobby’s fifth wife, Katherine was a diva in a community operetta company. During a performance of The Merry Widow, Bobby was forced to stand-in for a member of the chorus who fell ill. Only, Bobby’s first performance would be his last! The suspects are hitting all the notes as this mystery comes to crescendo!

Reviews for Felonious Finale:

“McDonald's sense of humor has certainly come to the front with this latest Alexa Owl Mystery. And I'm loving it... Special kudos for the humor in this one!” ~Glenda Bixler/Reviewers Round-up

“A Felonious Finale is a light mystery that I thoroughly enjoyed from beginning to end. Ms. McDonald spun an interesting plot around a brilliant cast of characters to keep me guessing as to who killed Bobby.” ~Julie/Amazon customer 

“The fictitious setting for a trip back to the 60s was just as much fun to read as the previous 3 books. And the antics of the angels and Alexa are well planned. Looking forward to the next in the series.” ~Sharon/Amazon customer

“There are so many laugh out loud moments and some very exciting ones making you wonder how McDonald will wrap this up or leave it dangling waiting for the next book... Hopefully there will be a next as I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one! Great cozy mystery with lots of fun, excitement, and heart. Well done, as always!” ~Sherry Wilson/Amazon customer and enthusiastic reader of this series.

In Memoriam
Maren Swenson-Waxenberg
On October 26th, 2023, my friend and the narrator for the Fiona Quinn Mysteries and The Owl’s Nest Mysteries passed away unexpectedly. Maren was a mere fifty-five years of age. She was such a talent beyond the fabulous voices and accents she performed so eloquently in the audiobooks. She was a musician who performed with the folk bank, Blue Stone 739. Maren did voice overs for SNL, ABC Movies, and more. She produced and performed in Vaudeville shows in New York City where she resided. A Felonious Finale was her last produced work, as she passed away of a heart attack just two weeks after the audiobook went live. I was in awe of her talent, and she will be greatly missed by her family, friends, and certainly myself. RIP dear Maren.

A Felonious Finale

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