C.S. McDonald

Fiona Quinn Cozy Mysteries

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"This is a fun read--complex enough to allow me to escape directly into the whodunitx2, but cozy enough to enjoy the setting, the talk about paintings and their locations...this book has been added as one of my favorite books for 2023." ~Glenda Bixler Reviews/ Amazon Vine

"Great story! Loved every twist and turn. Well done, C.S. McDonald. I think this is your best story so far, and I've read them all. Can't wait for the next one." ~Sharon K. Connell

"Loved this book, it kept you wondering who the guilty party was. But it had a little twist in at the end that you did not expect" ~Linda Taylor/ Amazon Reader


Pittsburgh’s most influential cultural enthusiasts are overjoyed when famous artist, Vashti, has scheduled a gala followed by a weeklong exhibit of her latest works. On the other hand, Detective Nathan Landry isn’t so excited about the invitation he has received to the gala. Back in the day, he and the renowned painter were lovers. That is, when her name was Sadie Jensen, or as Nathan’s sister liked to call her, “Psycho Sadie.”
Art experts, and collectors alike, have been intrigued by a tiny brush stroke, known as an invisible stroke. So subtle and out of place is the technique, that Vashti’s elusive stroke has become as famous as a Where’s Waldo search.
Meanwhile, Fiona finds herself captivated by more than Vashti’s flair for the obscure. Rather, she is far more interested in the gorgeous artist and Nathan’s past. Against his wishes, Fiona, her mother, and her mother-in-law attend the exhibit.
Indeed, Vashti’s paintings are killing it in the art world, and in more ways than one.